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Hair Growth Vitamin Injectables


In Clinic Price £280

Duration: 60 Mins | Downtime: 0 - 24 Hours

Related Conditions: Hormonal (androgenic) or hereditary hair loss; Tired and dehydrated hair; Slow hair growth.​
All treatments and procedures are carried out by Bethany 



Mirconeedling is a minimally invasive treatment, the micro-needles on the device create micro punctures this is to stimulate and encourage the production of collagen and elastin. Microchannels are also left on the dermis from the microneedling, this helps the solution to better penetrate the skin deeply, but damaging the skin and it stimulates the healing process in the skin which encourages collagen and elastin production


Visible results can be noticed after just 6-8 days following a procedure, and you will see further improvement over time.

We usually recommend a course of sessions depending on what skin condition you want to improve. Most of our sessions are every 4-6 weeks, and top up treatments are every 6 months on average to ensure the best and maximum results. The results can last between 3-6 months depending on the skin concern we are targeting and how many sessions you have completed.


Vitamin injections mesotherapy cocktail has a unique combination of active ingredients specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act on follicle 

dysfunctions in order to achieve good anti-hair loss results and improve hair quality. It combines antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects with a hair growth stimulating effect; targetting Hormonal (androgenic) or hereditary hair loss; Tired and dehydrated hair; Slow hair growth.

The main ingredients have amazing benefits that contribute to promoting healthy and better condition hair.

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen - Provides specific amino acids necessary to replenishing the body’s collagen. Corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds. Thickens fine hair and slows down hair loss;

  • Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit Extract - Stimulates hair growth, with an effect comparable to finasteride;

  • Velvet Extract - Promotes hair growth by regulating the hair cycle and cell proliferation in hair follicles;

  • Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract - Protects from hair loss and promotes hair growth;

  • Rheum Palmatum Root Extract - Protects from hair loss and promotes hair growth;

  • Centella Asiatica Extract- Increases the supply of blood to the capillaries under the skin and can improve the health and condition of the skin’s surface layers. It can also stimulate hair growth by delivering an increased flow of oxygenated blood to the hair follicles;

  • Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract - Activates collagen, increases fibroblasts and hair follicles and reduces inflammatory cells and more. 

The mesotherapy solution is applied with a Microneedling device and/or injected.  Microneedling, also known as skin needling, uses a machine that has many tiny needles which gently pierce the surface of the skin along the treatment area, creating microchannels.  These channels allow the active ingredients to deeply penetrate. 

The micro-injuries of the Microneedling also help induce stem cells in the hair follicles that may lead to hair growth. 
Microneedling is a comfortable procedure; we carefully numb the skin before treatment so that you feel only a ‘buzzing’ sensation.  The actual procedure time can vary based on the size of the treatment area, but for a large area (full head), it would take about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the answers to our most asked questions specific to the Dermapen™ 4 treatment. If you have another query please message Bethany via our contact page Here.

Is this treatment suitable for me?

This treatment is suitable for:

Hormonal (androgenic) or hereditary hair loss; Tired and dehydrated hair; Slow hair growth.​  All types of hair loss and thin hair for both men and women. Pre and Post hair transplant. Women of childbearing age and for patients who cannot benefit from other hair loss therapies.

All treatments require a consultation to assess if you are suitable. We do not treat those pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I prepare for the PRP treatment?

Avoid IPL/Laser procedures, unprotected sun exposure, or sunburn for at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure. No waxing, depilatory creams, or electrolysis to the area being treated for 5-7 days prior. 

How often do I need the Hair Vitamin Injectable treatment?

Bethany recommends 1 session every four weeks. 

What results can I expect?

Results are seen up to 3 weeks after treatment. 

What aftercare is needed?

It is recommended not to touch or wash or apply anything on the areas for 12 hours to prevent and continue to apply a daily SPF.

Applying Face Oil
I am loving the results of microneedling. My skin texture has improved, my pores are smaller, my skin is left oily and my wrinkles have improved.
prp plasma
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See the results 

We’re proud of the results we achieve for our clients. These results are after 2 treatments.

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